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Working with a Shapefile and SQL table

Question asked by bpriddle on Mar 20, 2015
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I am new with ArcGIS, like 24 hours. So far, I imported a Shapefile of FSA codes for Canada, ie, Forward Sorting Address, as a layer. It breaks each province up into sections based on that code. I have established a connection to our SQL server and am able to see the tables within it. The FSA shapefile has 3 columns in the data table, one being the FSA code. I have a SQL table with FSA codes and each code has one of four ratings. The SQL table is just a test at the moment to see if I can get this working.


What I want to do is have each FSA area on the map display a specific color based on the code rating we assigned it in the SQL table. I figure some sort of join is next but haven't figured it out yet. Any help would be appreciated!