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DDP: Data organization

Question asked by jibbh on Mar 18, 2015



I have again a question regarding DDP.
I have a large amount of Data which I need to turn into maps. I need classified maps, showing me the percentage of each species per state in a seperate map with the natural breaks jenks classification.
I am not sure on how to organize the Data so that I will get my desired maps.


The Attribute fields I have are: the state and the species (I have each species in a separate filed, and I have like 15 species) with the information on how often they occur.





How do I best sort the attribute table? Should I make a table with only 3 fields? (State, Species and Value) instead of having each species in a separate field? (if yes, is there a fast way of doing this automatically or all hand work?) and how to I put the settings so it shows me the maps with natural breaks classification?




Thanks, PV!