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Losing server connection on spatial query.

Question asked by dalejs on Mar 17, 2015

Thanks for looking at my question, this is the error I am getting:


Failure to access the dbms server [08S01:[Microsoft][sql server native client 11.0]TCP Provider: An existing connection was forcibly

closed by the remote host.][Feature Class Name]


I am using Visual Studio 2012.  VB.Net.


So here is my scenario, I have a layer of polygons that cover a certain area and I want to retrieve the streets that are contained within each polygon, those are wrote to a selection set. Then those streets are ran in a spatial query agianst municipal boundary polygons, all streets that are contained within the polygons are wrote to a new dataset.


I have stripped down the code to where it is only writing to one field to make it easier to follow.


Once this process is started it just gets slower and slower until I get the above error. If I go to Windows task manager, then Resource monitor, the job is shown as not responding most of the time. It does this consistenltly.


I am releasing features, featurecursors, trying GC.collect, nothing seems to make a difference.


If I break up the process and run 10 polygons, restart run another 10 and so on it works.


I am a programmer, I have no knowledge of/interactions with the servers the data is on.


I really want to figure this out, not just plug in a solution and go on, but understand and reslove the problem.


Let me know if there are any issues with the attachment.