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Need Help Creating .gdb File

Question asked by tthom2000 on Mar 12, 2015

We ported our application to JDK 1.7 64-bit compile. The application previously had exported data to a .gdb file using methods in arcobjects.jar. Now when we try to run our export function, we get a "Can not use native code" exception when it runs. From research, this appears to be a 64-bit using 32-bit jar with JNI issue. The arcobjects.jar is 32-bit with no release of 64-bit in sight. I've tried to use KML files, which don't appear to import properly (at least not in 10.0). I picked this up from someone else and am a real newbie to ArcObjects.


I'm looking for answers or suggestions on where to go from here. Any input would be very much appreciated.