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ArcGIS Online REST API - Add Item (type: Map Service) - Override service properties

Question asked by branders on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by BrianT_SCIC

Hello All,


I am trying to use the ArcGIS Online REST API to add a new item of type Map Service.  I am successfully able to do this, but I also want to override some properties of the service when I create the item.  The "Items and Item Types" section of the REST API docs (ArcGIS REST API ) indicates that when adding an item with "type=Map Service" it's possible to specify a JSON string to override map service properties.  I have experimented with this, but can't seem to get it working -- ArcGIS Online seems to ignore any JSON I specify. 


I have tried specifying the JSON in the "text" parameter posted to the addItem REST end point, and I have also tried specifying the JSON in the body of the HTTP post.  In both cases, my JSON seems to get ignored.


Ideally I would like to specify JSON that ArcGIS Online injects into the "dynamicLayers=..." parameter of the "export" request it makes to the target ArcGIS Server. 


What should the format of the JSON be?

How do I pass the JSON in the HTTP POST request? (In the "text" parameter?)

What service properties is it possible to override?


Does anyone have an example?


Thanks for your help!