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Geocoder with Custom Geocoding Service

Question asked by natevatt on Mar 9, 2015
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Has anyone had any success with custom geocoding services in the Geocoding widget?  I have published a geocoding service following the help page here.  And the service seems to work fine.  If I plug it into ArcGIS Online or Portal, it works very quickly with auto complete and everything.  But when I try using it in WAB, I have no luck.


The new custom service that I have registered with my portal instance shows up automatically via map config.  But auto complete stops working and any search that I have sends my map view so far out that I receive some 100,000 errors for missing basemap imagery.  I have also had no success by adding my service into the config file 'config_Geocoder'.  These configurations seem to be overwritten by the inherited configurations from Portal.


I am having some general problems with my portal, active directory, SSL credentials and such, so maybe this is why I having a trouble, but I wanted to check if anyone had had success yet.