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ArcGIS Online Editing form Overwrites Database Insert Trigger

Question asked by matthysj on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by matthysj

I will attempt to describe a simple example that illustrates the issue that I am experiencing.


I have a line feature class with a database insert trigger that populates an ID column from a sequence.  In AGO, when a user double clicks to finish creating a feature AND then proceeds to update another attribute using the AGO attribute form, the ID column will be overwritten with a null.  Behind the scenes, the double click in AGO does the insert.  The insert trigger fires in the database and the row gets the ID from the sequence (can see this in sql-plus).  The issue is that the AGO attribute window does not get updated with the ID, so when the user updates a different attribute, and update takes place against the feature class and each row in the AGO attribute form that does not contain data (which includes the ID attribute) gets overwritten with a null (can see this in sql-plus). 


This issue does not exist in ArcMap.  When a user double clicks to create a feature in ArcMap, the attribute window immediately refreshes to show the result (new ID) of the insert trigger. 


My current work around is to add additional UPDATE logic to the database trigger, but I am searching for a more elegant solution.  Is there a way to get the AGO attribute window to refresh so that it will display the values that are currently in the database?  Something similar to the disableClientCache (from silverlight) might be available in AGO or can be turned on from a feature service perspective?


I searched GeoNet and did not find other posts concerning this issue.  How have others gotten around this issue? 


- Jake