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Question asked by SamPlant on Mar 4, 2015
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I have a FGDB for a project at work.

We have plotted points for road signs and collected various attributes for each point.

We also have a picture attachment for each point.

The information was collected on the Collector app and has now been downloaded.


I now need to do a few things to the data.


I need to populate a field named 'USSR' with an automatic incremental number followed by the letter 'A', starting at a set number i.e. 7000A, 7001A, 7002A etc.


I then need the attachments to be saved and named as '7000A.jpg', '7001A.jpg', '7002A.jpg' etc.


Then I need the 'Photo' field to be filled with the photo name i.e. '7000A.jpg'


I've been looking for some Python script I can run from ArcMap to batch rename and update for me, but I'm struggling to find anything I can use.


If anyone could help me I'd be very grateful.

I have a very limited knowledge of coding and have no idea where to start.



Sam Plant