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Buffer on dynamic MAP throughs error in Server side SDK 10.22

Question asked by suppriya on Mar 3, 2015



I am using IOS 7, AGSIOSSDK - 10.2.2 , server side SDK is 10.22


i am getting below error for Server SDK 10.2.2 but perfect with 10.04:


Printing description of $1:

Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=500 "Unknown error occurred" UserInfo=0x1a94ff40 {NSURL=, NSLocalizedDescription=Unknown error occurred, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Unknown error occurred}


my code :

    NSMutableArray *arrProjectGeomtery =[[NSMutableArray alloc] init];

    AGSSpatialReference *s_Bufferref = [[[AGSSpatialReference alloc] initWithWKID:4326 WKT:m_mapView.spatialReference.wkt] autorelease];

    AGSPoint *m_ProjectedPoint =[[AGSPoint alloc] initWithX:[m_strLongitude floatValue] y:[m_strLatitude floatValue]spatialReference:s_Bufferref];

    [arrProjectGeomtery addObject:m_ProjectedPoint];

    self.m_geometryServiceTask = [[[AGSGeometryServiceTask alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]] autorelease];

    self.m_geometryServiceTask.delegate = self;

    AGSSpatialReference *m_sref = [[AGSSpatialReference alloc] init];




       m_sref = [[[AGSSpatialReference alloc] initWithWKID:4326 WKT:m_mapView.spatialReference.wkt] autorelease];




     m_sref = [[[AGSSpatialReference alloc] initWithWKID:self.m_mapView.spatialReference.wkid WKT:nil] autorelease]; 


    [self.m_geometryServiceTask projectGeometries:arrProjectGeomtery toSpatialReference:m_sref];


plz. do help me out ....... Same work with Server side SDK 10.04.


do help me out...