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10.3 - Failure to access the DBMS server

Question asked by MusicMan82 on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by FAAASP321

I must be missing something here but I can't get ArcCatalog to connect to SQL Server.


Here's my setup (all fresh installs) -


- Database VM

   - Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 (not on a domain)

      - SQL Server 2008 R2

   - ArcGIS Desktop 10.3


- Client VM

   - Windows 7 x64 

      - ArcGIS Desktop 10.3

      - SQL Server 2008 R2 Native client x64


I've tried to run the Create Enterprise GeoDatabase tool and use Add Database Connection to connect and both fail with error "Failure to access the DBMS Server".


I have SQL Server setup for mixed mode authentication. I created a database account with the sysadmin role. I can connect on the database VM with windows authentication using SQL Server Management Studio and using the "admin" account with database authentication. On the client VM I can also connect with SQL Server Management Studio using database authentication. So I think SQL Server is OK... I installed SQL Server with all features enabled.


Here is the python snippet of what I'm trying to connect with on the database VM -


arcpy.CreateEnterpriseGeodatabase_management(database_platform="SQL_Server", instance_name="localhost/MSSQLSERVER", database_name="sde", account_authentication="OPERATING_SYSTEM_AUTH", database_admin="sa", database_admin_password="#", sde_schema="SDE_SCHEMA", gdb_admin_name="sde", gdb_admin_password="*****", tablespace_name="", authorization_file="C:/Program Files (x86)/ESRI/License10.3/sysgen/keycodes")


So what's wrong here? The error from ArcGIS is not helpful.