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Image export request is returning internal server name

Question asked by bb1769 on Feb 26, 2015

A user on our website is getting an error when their browser attempts to draw the map. The error only occurs when they access the website from their organizational network. This is using the JavaScript API, but they captured their browser session with Fiddler and it's clear the problem is with the server REST request/response. The request looks something like:…


The response as recorded by Fiddler looks like this - note that the server name changes to our internal server name, not the fully qualified name as in the request:




I can make the exact same request, using Fiddler's Composer utility, including the same request headers. I get a response that has the fully qualified name as in the request:




We need to resolve the issue as this is an important client. The server is running IIS with the requests going through the Web Adaptor. Any ideas as to why the ArcGIS server should respond with a URL that has the internal name?