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Creating Database View Using ArcMap 10.1 GP Tool

Question asked by KestrelAnalysis on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by KestrelAnalysis

Hi all,


Just wondering if someone can confirm behaviour with using the GP Tool within ArcMap 10.1 for creating a database view.


After running the GP tool, and it sucessfully running, I can now see the view within the SDE database connection. I can drag this into ArcMap, and see the data both spatially and the attribute table. However, if I try and interact with it spatially, such clicking on it with the identify tool then the identify tool does not return a result.


My questions are:

- Is this the expected behaviour?

- And if so, how do I fix this?


I have read other posts regarding regsitering it with SDE etc, but just want to check I am getting the right end of the stick before I ask our DBA to do anything for us.


Thanks in advance for any help!