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Python question to automate attribute information

Question asked by mm166368 on Feb 26, 2015
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Hello everyone, I have very little Python experience and
would like to know if the following repetitive task would be suitable to
automate through python… My task is to update attributes for utility lines and
one of the attributes is a field called DOCID which is the associated
engineering document number. In the past there was a hyperlink between the
DOCID number and the associated PDF version of the engineering drawing, so that
when staff needs to look up the drawing for a sewer line, they could just click
on the sewer line in the web application and get the associated engineering
drawing as a PDF. Since we are now using Silverlight (we used ArcIMS in the
past) we now have to have two fields for DOCID, one of the fields holds the
document ID number (DOCID field) which is a 9 digit identification number and
the other field is called DOC LINK which is the hyperlink to the drawing
followed by the DOCID number: http://websv01/idmws/ISAPILogon.asp?Library=ocsd^EDMS&ID=003894611

The last nine digits on the hyperlink is the DOCID number.
Is there a way through python to automatically fill in the hyperlink: http://websv01/idmws/ISAPILogon.asp?Library=ocsd^EDMS&ID=

And to automatically add in the 9 digit DOCID number towards
the end of the hyperlink as the DOCID field gets updated/populated with the ID
number? So if I’m entering let’s say 003894611 to the DOCID field, I would like
the DOC LINK field to automatically update with the hyperlink and the DOCID so
that it will look like this: http://websv01/idmws/ISAPILogon.asp?Library=ocsd^EDMS&ID=003894611

Attribute Table Example.jpg


Marcos Mendez