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Proper Way to Edit Service Feature Table Without Map

Question asked by tcrw on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by akajanus-esristaff



I'm getting started with ArcGIS Online and am not sure how to proceed with a certain scenario.


I've created an Operations app that will display live data that I supply. I've made the service feature tables in my organization and they are displayed on the map correctly.


I would like to have a .net application that connects to this service feature table and edits it accordingly, for example adding/editing features and their geometry (just x,y points, nothing complicated). I'm currently trying to use the ServiceFeatureTable classes, and don't have a problem connecting into the table with my credentials. But it seems that it will not load any features without a map attached.


Is there some way to force it to load all of the features in the table so that I can iterate through them and update them? Is there some other way that I am supposed to be doing this? I'm still trying to sort out all of the capabilities here and I'd appreciate any sort of pointers in the right direction.