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Points within distance with 2 feature classes

Question asked by goddardsommers on Feb 23, 2015
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Hi All,

I'm using ArcgGIS 10.2.2. I have two feature class point layers, one containing 10 points (origins) and one containing 800+ points (destinations). I'm trying to find out how many destinations there are within a certain distance of each origin. e.g. Within 10km of origin 1 there are 300 destinations; within 25km of origin 1 there are 500 destinations; within 10km of origin 2 there are 350 destinations; within 25km of origin 6 there are 600 destinations etc. etc.


This is distance 'as the crow flies' so there is no need to build a network.


The points in both layers are close together which means there are many points that will fall into different distances for different origins. e.g. point 1 may be within 10km of origin 1, 10km of origin 8 and 25km of origin 10.


Can anyone offer advice on the simplest way of finding this out? Is there a tool that fits this purpose?


My initial thought was to create a buffer ring around each origin, convert these to polygons and then select all the destinations within each polygon. However the output from creating buffer rings does not enable me to identify which ring belongs to which origin. I also tried the point distance tool but this just tells me how many points are within a certain distance of all the origins, not each origin.


Do I need to create feature classes for each origin then deal with each origin individually, either with buffers or the point distance tool? If this is the case, then this is not so bad with only 10 origins but what if I had 100 origins? Surely there's a simpler way of doing it?


I have also searched the forum for a solution but haven't been able to find anything that directly relates to this.


Many thanks in advance for any help offered.