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SplineWithBarrier (Spacial Analyst): Different results between Modelbuilder and external PythonScript

Question asked by tlange on Feb 20, 2015
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I'm puzzled by different results I get from application of SplineWithBarrier (Spacial Analyst) using Modelbuilder and by external Python scripting:


import arcpy

points_shp = "pointShape.shp"

faults_shp = "faultsShape.shp"

outGrid = "r_out", "id", faults_shp, "10", outGrid, "1")


This is the code I got from the model builder. While results there are as expected (smooth surface with discontinuities) I used it in an external script. The resulting surface derived from the external script, however, shows, that smoothing was skipped. Before I tried the version from model builder I followed the example from the ArcGIS help. Same result - the grid is created, but again smoothing step is skipped. My first code was:


import arcpy

points_shp = "pointShape.shp"

faults_shp = "faultsShape.shp"

outGrid = "r_out"


outSplineBarriers = SplineWithBarriers(points_shp, "id", faults_shp, 10, 1)


That's the syntax from the help:


SplineWithBarriers (Input_point_features, Z_value_field, {Input_barrier_features}, {Output_cell_size}, {Smoothing_Factor})


Why is smoothing not activated? Where is my fault?


Thanks for any hint!