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Calculations in List Widget

Question asked by cnorthesri-ca-esridist Employee on Feb 17, 2015

I'm wondering if it's possible to calculate two fields in the description for the List Widget "on the fly".  I have a list of census areas showing sales numbers and population - but I want the "sales per capita" in the list. In other words, I know I can have a description of:



2014 Revenue:  ${SUM_Total_2014_YTD}


2011 Pop: {TotPop_2011}



But what I really want is to show the value of:


{SUM_Total_2014_YTD} / {TotPop_2011}


I have tried all sorts of brackets, codes etc. but the only substitution seems to be the field values.


Any thoughts? Or, is this a "suggestion"?


Chris North