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Windows group authentication for SDE user on SQL Server/ArcGIS 10.3?

Question asked by ameskamp on Feb 17, 2015
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we're starting to work with ArcGIS 10.3 Enterprise GDB (what used to be called ArcSDE) on MS SQL Server 2012. We're using the following procedure to set up the database:

  • Create a new database (say DB1) as sysadmin (sa)
  • Create a windows authenticated login (e.g. AD user mydomain\martin)
  • Create a database user sde in the DB1 and map this to mydomain\martin
  • Ccreate a schema sde and grant the necessary privileges (create table, view, function, procedure) to user sde.
  • Login as mydomain\martin on a desktop machine, start ArcCatalog, add a database connection with windows authentication and run the Enable Geodatabase tool.

Works just fine. Question: Can I follow the same workflow except that I use an AD group login rather than an AD user login to authorize user sde?


Thanks, Martin