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New to GIS.

Question asked by Jesse24b on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2015 by farajallah2012

I'm brand new to the GIS community and am trying to wrap my head around the application. I plan on having a career as a wildlife biologist of some sort and I've been told I should be familiar with the program. I downloaded the ArcGIS explorer for desktop but I can't seem to load any maps onto it. Is there something I'm missing? All that appears is a white screen with some arctic cricle, prime meridian etc. I tried to use the Harvard GIS tutorial on how to actually use it but as i stated above I can't open any examples. I unzip the files and replace them into the C drive but it won't even find them when I go to open them. They end dbf i'm not familiar with what that means. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or any information that could help me I'd appreciate it.