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WAB Query Functionality Question

Question asked by bokeefe on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by bokeefe

I haven't had a chance to delve into the Query options within the WAB. Regardless, I am supposed to put together a 'Level of Effort' documentation on replacing a current dashboard system with a javascript map based on the same REST services.


Currently, there is a web-dashboard that allows users to query against data using 15-30 fields (Police). Like how many burglaries, between this date and that, in this police beat, during this time of day/night, happened in this area... there are TONS of fields.


The system will break if we updated Oracle. I have wanted to replace these maps for years now. This is a good thing.


HOWEVER, I haven't built a query for a web map using WAB yet. So I am CLUELESS. The last thing I ever did was edit XML files for an E-Search widget that Robert Scheitlin, GISP built back in the Flex days. So I'm trying to figure out "how hard is it to create, apply, and implement queries" on a web map? Any videos that outline the process? Any advice from those of you with experience? I'm trying to avoid spending a couple of hours studying queries in the WAB so that I can document how much time those queries will take... because, of course, I have to have this document (and my regular job duties) finished by Friday.


Anyone have anything that might help?