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WPF SDK - Sorting in FeatureDataGrid - Bug ?

Question asked by spiskulaesriuk-esridist Employee on Feb 16, 2015



In the attachment there is  a sample app that works fine with 10.1.1 WPF SDK, but after recompiling against 10.2.5 assemblies sorting by the '


req_type' column starts to throw 'key not found' exception. This seems to be caused by AutogenerateColumns is set to False, and columns are added programmatically in XAML. Has something changed significantly between those SDK releases ? How could I get sorting to work again in 10.2.5?


For the code to compile remove the ESRI.* References and point at your local GAC content listed in VS.

For features to load just navigate to San Francisco area, then the table will start populating with records.