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FeatureclassToCoverage failing in standalone

Question asked by sclark98 on Feb 13, 2015

I don't have much python experience but I'm chaining a number of functions together with the main one being FeatureclassToCoverage. I am wanting to have it build a coverage from a route with 31,000 centerlines and intersections with 62,000 points - both from a local file gdb. I watch the pythonw process go up to 1.5gb memory used before crashing (on a server with 8gb ram).


inFeatures = [["Lines", "ROUTE"],["Nodes", "POINT"]]

outCover = "C:/tmp/linenode_cov"

precision = "DOUBLE

arcpy.FeatureclassToCoverage_conversion(inFeatures, outCover, "", precision)


ExecuteError: ERROR 999999: Error executing function.

Invalid Topology [Topoengine error.]

Failed to execute (FeatureclassToCoverage).


Is this something that shouldn't be run in standalone mode? (If I run the tool from toolbox, it works fine.)