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WMS-layer problem

Question asked by tugiss on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by akajanus-esristaff



I would like to show a layer from a WMS-service on my map but somehow it draws nothing. The WmsLayer.ServiceInfo is loaded correctly after initialization. I try to add it to my map with the following code where "vaki2011_1km" is the layer name from service ( ).


            var wmslayer = new WmsLayer(new Uri(""))
                DisplayName = "Väestöruutuaineisto",
                IsVisible = true,
            wmslayer.Layers = new[] {"vaki2011_1km"};
            wmslayer.ImageFormat = "image/png";
            await wmslayer.InitializeAsync();
            Map.Layers.Insert(0, wmslayer);


My map spatial reference is EPSG:3067 and the WMS Service supports it. What can possibly go wrong here? I tried to publish a simple own WMS service on ArcGIS server and added it to my map same way and it worked fine.