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Importing the oracle .dmp (Dump) file

Question asked by mail2vajram on Feb 10, 2015
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I Have Oracle 11g and ArcSDE 10.1. I have a production version where all the softwares (ArcSDE, Oracle) installed properly.

and same kind of set up we made for test environment also.

Here the problem is, we are regularly creating the oracle backup files (Which contains lot of ArcSDE spatial table and multiple versions) using oracle export utility tool and it is creating a .dmp file. When we are importing it in oracle test environment with oracle import utility, all the users, schema and their roles are importing with out any error.But when we connect to the SDE through catalog all the Feature datasets and Feature Classes are available with out data. i.e, only schema is available.


Do i need to do any other operations for this spatial data while exporting or importing? Any suggestions would help to solve my problem.


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