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Configuring Overview Map in WAB

Question asked by tuna.unsal on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2015 by rscheitlin

Hi, Although the title says configuring, it doesn't seem possible to configure the Overview Map at all. Sure we can define the size of the window but it would really make sense if we could work on the content as well.

Normally the content of this widget is the base map you use in your map. This makes the widget useless for my case since I use just the imagery as a basemap with all other details (places, roads etc.) coming from operational layers. So I just see a satellite image in the overview map which is not helping at all.

While digging to find a solution I found out that when I add a new base map with 2 web services included, the overview map uses just the one on the top but not the one on the bottom. So I created a base map, added an extra basemap layer, put the world imagery on the bottom and added an in-house published map service (a low-res imagery and fit for purpose reference layer) on the top.

As a result the overview map only shows my published service while this service  is hidden under  world imagery in the base map displayed on the main map.

As it is far from being an ideal solution can anyone give me an advice on how to solve this issue?