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Message notification direction in relationship classes: pratically useless?

Question asked by robrossi on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by padrigue

ArcGIS for Desktop Help tells us that, using Relationship classes in Geodatabase, we can use a Message notification direction in order to manage "...actions that require an update of one feature to trigger an update in its related features": for example "When you update a feature, you want an attribute in a related feature to update automatically".

To manage this kind of behaviors we can set a Message notification direction to 4 different directions (None, Forward, Backward, Both).

In fact everytime we create a relationship class we have to chose one of the 4 direction... but...

The strange thing is that, unlike the other ArcGIS desktop tools, which normally are "Ready to use", in this case, this operation needs a "custom programming", and the choise of the message notification direction is pratically useless!


Is there any "Almost-Ready to use" add-on which can help non-programming user to achieve the objective?


Roberto Rossi

Padua University