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Replicating edited feature class data outside of SDE to SDE server, Automatically?

Question asked by cgoessl on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by cgoessl

Simple but complex question:

We just recently started SDE for my agency. I have a user that only has GIS Basic, but sometimes needs to edit street sign information. Since I can not give them edit in SDE, my thought is to create a Feature Dataset that they will be able to edit, then replicate the data between the Dataset and the SDE system.


Is this even possible to replicate the data outside of SDE to SDE?


If the feature class already has GlobalID, and tracking turn on: will these be auto-generated by someone that does not have a license greater than Basic edition?


Is there a way to create an automated script to do this?


Any direction or thoughts would be greatly appreciated before I tackle this issue.