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FeatureLayer from ShapeFile, change Fill-Color

Question asked by dni on Feb 3, 2015
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I am creating a FeatureLayer from a Shapefile on my map with the following code at application startup :

public async void LoadShapefileAsync(string path)




        ShapefileTable shapefile = await ShapefileTable.OpenAsync(path);

        _spatialReference = shapefile.SpatialReference;

        GisMap.SpatialReference = _spatialReference;


        FeatureLayer flayer = new FeatureLayer(shapefile)


            ID = shapefile.Name,

            DisplayName = path,




    catch (Exception ex)


        throw new ArgumentException("Feature-Layer aus Shapedatei konnte nicht erstellt werden: " + ex.Message);




The result on my map is a grey filled polygon with a black solid outline.

How can I change the fill color and outline style for the polygon(s) on the FeatureLayer?


Thanks in advance! :-)