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Dashed line with ticks

Question asked by fallingdog Champion on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by fallingdog

I am having a hard time making a nice looking dashed line with ticks in ArcGIS. I tried it in the symbol property editor using two cartographic lines:


2-3-2015 1-06-11 PM.png

Looks like it is exactly what I need. But when it draws it does not put the ticks perpendicular to the line segment. Yuck!

2-3-2015 1-12-34 PM.png

I also played around with representations as well, but they also did not make the ticks perpendicular to the line segment.


I did look at this Creating regular ticks (Production Mapping), but we do not have the Production Mapping extension.  ArcGIS Help 10.1