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Processing Raster

Question asked by jay.kapalczynski on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by xander_bakker

I have a question.  I have a huge raster of my state (LANDUSE raster with various categories). 

I also have a county boundary vector of each county.


1. What I want to do is clip/mask the Raster to each of the counties

2. sort of scroll through each County Record and use its geometry to run the clip/mask

3. then export each individual raster for each clip/mask. 


I figured that I could use Python to grab each of the records in the County file and then run the mask/clip.


Better yet


  1. Scroll through each of the Counties
  2. Get its geometry
  3. Run a statistics on the Raster inside the county and populate fields in the Vector Counties file
    1. I would have a field for each of the categories in the Raster
    2. The result would give the SQ Miles for each Landuse type in the specific county.


But dont know where start.  Anyone have any examples?