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Layout.mxd - Unable to Publish

Question asked by MBURR on Feb 2, 2015

Please be gentle...I am very new to all of this! 


We currently have ArcServer 10 and just installed ArcGIS Server 10.2.2.  Keeping 10 running until everything has been tested and perfect, then we will convert all and shut it down.  My question is, on our 10 server, we have a layout.mxd published as a map Service that is used for a print widget our Engineers love...I am currently trying to publish an exact copy of this layout to the new 10.2.2 server so I can get this print service working for them again...however, when I try to publish it, it will not go until I fixed problems with it.  The problem states the "Data frame does not have layers" and will not let me publish it.  We have it on our old server and I am not sure how to go about this. I tried just add a layer with nothing in it, but it doesn't work....Can anyone assist me on this one? 


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