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Collector offline download hangs at 50%, never finishes

Question asked by simpsonr on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by simpsonr

I'm trying to get Collector work offline with a feature service hosted through our 10.3 ArcGIS Server and 10.3 Oracle SDE database.  I've configured and followed the "prepping data for offline" docs.  I've enabled attachments and have users setup in AGS for the "private" feature service.  Editing the data within the feature service works well in every instance... In ArcGIS Online, works fine, in ArcMap works fine, Collector works fine.  But when I try to tap the "download" button in the Collector app on my Android phone, it always gets to about 50% just just hangs indefinitely.  I've inspected my AGS Jobs folder and can see submitted jobs for the replica.  I have no idea how to properly troubleshoot this.


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