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Generate layers for each feature in a table

Question asked by tormod.gpg on Jan 29, 2015

First of all, I am very new to the GIS world, so bear with me if the question is stupid.

I have a feature class (let's call it Areas) storing polygons with some extra data (name, id etc). If I create a layer and publish this as a MapService, I can use it in my .NET application (or in the browser via REST) to display a layer containing all the Areas. In my app, I can even do filtering (with LayerDefinitions) to only display a certain area (feature) at a time.

What I would like to do is (within the ArcGIS server, so that it is reflected on all clients) have one layer for each of the Areas in the feature table.

So the REST directory in a browser would display:


  • Areas
    • Area 1
    • Area 2
    • Area 3


And I would be able to see the same structure in the TOC of the Map, and control visibility on/off on each of the Areas.

The "projection" of turning every feature into a separate layer must be dynamic, so that if I add another Area, it would automatically become a new layer (ie. no configuration or manual republishing the MapService).

Is this possible within ArcMap? Can I code it in Python and have it run inside the MapService somehow? Do I have to write a SOE ? Or isn't it possible at all (only on the client side)?