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XML 'library' error

Question asked by bbulla on Jan 29, 2015
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I'm migrating a bunch of 9.3 tools to 10.2 AddIns.  Is there a restriction on the length of the .dll that the AddIn creates?  I'm getting a few errors on building a project, and the AddIn is not registering with ArcMap.


The error is: 

Warning1Custom tool warning: The 'library' attribute in the AddIn element may be invalid - The value  'Facility_ID_Tool__AddIn.dll' is invalid according to the project output assembly name 'Facility_ID_Tool _AddIn.dll'.C:\Visual Studio Projects\Facility_ID_Tool _AddIn\Facility_ID_Tool _AddIn\Config.esriaddinx1325Facility_ID_Tool _AddIn



Here is the XML:


<AddIn language="CLR" library="Facility_ID_Tool__AddIn.dll" namespace="Facility_ID_Tool__AddIn">


This was all setup using the Wizard in VS2012.