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splash widget problem

Question asked by lonsharp on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by JoeRat

I'm new to web appbuilder, so please bear with me....


I've created my first app in web appbuilder which includes a disclaimer in the splash widget.   I've turned on the widget and when I click on the "Launch" option to make sure it works, everything looks good.   The splash page comes up with the disclaimer, and everything works the way I want it to.


ArcGIS Web Application


The problem is that I want to make this application available to everyone without the need for an arcgisonline account.   As I understand it, to do that I simply replace the first part of the url with    When I do that, the app comes up as before and works fine, with the exception of the splash page.   It never shows up.


ArcGIS Web Application


Am I missing something?   Does that particular widget only work within an organization and not on the end of things?


Thank you!