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overwriteOutput in ArcGIS 10.2.2

Question asked by russell@pirsa on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by sachin.kanaujia.gis

Hi All


I have noticed some differences in times when copying feature classes (using arcpy.CopyFeatures_management) into a 10.2.2 Enterprise GDB compared to our existing 9.3.1 Enterprise GDB.


On a nightly basis, we update numerous feature classes, using a suite of python scripts, by blowing away and recreating the feature classes in our 9.3.1 Enterprise GDB, hence overwriteOutput is set to True.


We are migrating our Enterprise GDB to 10.2.2.  Our copying/updating tests have shown an extra time lag when the feature class already exists in the 10.2.2 Enterprise GDB, and no lag time when the feature class does not exist in the 10.2.2 Enterprise GDB.  The time lag is approximately 50 to 60 seconds per feature class (if it already exists).  It appears that arcpy 10.2.2 takes extra time to delete the destination, if it exists, when overwriteOutput is set to True.  This is timing problem as we update a 100+ feature classes on a nightly basis, hence an increase in up to 100 minutes.


I have replicated this scenario in a model, with the same time lag.


Existing Enterprise GDB environment:

Oracle 10g

SDE 9.3.1



New Enterprise GDB environment:

Oracle 11i

SDE 10.2.2


Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.