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Data Driven Page - Map Extent Issue

Question asked by ben_vk on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2015 by ben_vk

hi all,


I am wondering why the map extent is acting strange for my current Data Driven Page setup.


If you look at the below screenshot, I have set the Best fit to be 4cm, so I would like 4cm of clearance around my land parcel before the edge of the map. It looks fine.

2015-01-23_11-05-17_Building & Site Location Map.mxd - ArcMap.jpgscale automatically zooms to 1:2000


I would like to lessen this margine as I would like to see more detail of my parcel of land, so I change the margin to be 3cm or even 2cm, but then the map scale rounds DOWN to be 1:1000, which actually chops part of my parcel off. Is this normal? I would have thought that ArcMap would have realised this and changed it so as it had to round up to the next available scale which is 1:2000.

Is this a bug? Or should the map be clipping part of my parcel in focus out of the map?

2015-01-23_11-07-38_Building & Site Location Map.mxd - ArcMap.jpgscale is automatically changed to 1:1000