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Problems with creating a custom in-panel widget

Question asked by leecollier on Jan 22, 2015

So as the title says having problems with creating a custom in-panel widget.


Have followed the example here :


Point 4 seems wrong as there is no config-demo.json file or sample-configs folder so have edited the stemapp/config.json file.


After that it all just seems to go wrong:


http://[your host name:3344]/webapp/?config=sample-configs/config-demo.json


will not work so tried


http://[your host name:3344]/webapp/?config=config.json


with no joy, starts to load then just a white screen.


Skipped to # 10 followed the instructions but the widget does not appear when I build a new web app in Developer. Also no where in Builder does it say "Click here to add widget" unless I am looking in the wrong place.


If anyone from ESRI is reading this I am finding your normally very good documentation a bit lacking in accuracy.


As ever any help gratefully received.