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Error with ArcMap 10.2.2

Question asked by bmigs4 on Jan 22, 2015



I just started an internship at my university creating home range maps for squirrels on campus. I've been taking data for one squirrel and putting it into an excel spreadsheet with the date, frequency, and coordinates. I'm able to import the excel spreadsheet into ArcMap and create a layer out of it. The next step is to export the data to my file geodatabase, but it keeps popping up with an error message stating the export could not be completed.


There is also another error that pops up if I save my work in ArcMap and close out. After I try and open the saved ArcMap document, an error message pops up and says that it failed to draw the layers. I've been getting these errors on every computer I've tried around campus and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


If anyone has any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or know of a bug in this version of ArcMap please let me know.