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ArgGIS Runtime SDK for Qt on Linux -Dictionary, Symbols fill transparent

Question asked by romgcom on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by ebader-esristaff

I have a question about Symbols, Dictionary,


I'am using the RT for Qt 10.2.3 version on Linux, initialising my MessageGroupLayer with 2525 Military Standard Dictionary type, and all the symbols ar processed and display well on the map.


I was wondering if it's possible to ( draw on the map ) processed this messagges symbols with a transparent background color, and solid outline, something like that is available in ArcGIS Engine when use Mole to generate glyphs considering one color put to transparent ( fillTransparent at true ), in other words I need to draw the same symbols but without background color.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Romeo Cureliuc