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Is it possible for duplicate global ids in different geodatabases

Question asked by Brian_PubSafetyGIS on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by esrikw_falcon

I am not using global id's in my geodatabase at this time.  I want to know if I add global id's to my geodatabase and I merge data from other external agencies provided to me in a file geodatabase, could there every be a duplicate global id in my geodatabase and an external agency's geodatabase. What if another agency merges data again from additional external agenices, could there be a duplicate global id?  I would hope the global id would always be unique because of the feature but I am not certain how the 36 character global id is created, some equation but what is used in the equation. 

It appears from reading ESRI reference documents that there are built in tools to keep from an id from being duplicated within a geodatabase that is replicated but in my work environment, none of the geodatabase that are being merged together are replicates from each other, they are independent geodatabases.


I use SQL Enterprise geodatabase 10.x