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Mapping Dynamic SQL Server XY Data

Question asked by Ant__ on Jan 13, 2015
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quick question (while i search for the answer myself figured this might be quicker)


I'm pulling data from a sql server table which amongst other columns contains a couple for X/Y coordinates, the table will be updated from various sources at various times.


Completely new to gis/terminology and arcmap but a software dev by trade, so what i've currently done is.


  • Added the database connection, and a query to bring back the data I require.
  • Tried this as a query layer and created a feature class from xy data, assigning irish grid/assigned which columns to use for X/Y, published it
  • Referenced it in a viewer and the rest service

This gets the data brought back from the database fine, plots the points etc but...


But it's not dynamically calling the SQLServer each time so no changes are reflected unless i go in and republish/refresh the query. when

When i create my query layer etc from the database connection i'm assuming it's just creating a data-table and then this is getting published with the service to be used rather than it calling the sqlserver with the specified query for the current view of the data in the table each time.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for which type of layer/service/connection i need to use to dynamically get the results from sql so whenever the table is changed the viewer/layer reflects the changes without having to republish the service/have it use this static snapshot it seems to take on first run.


(same as this guy was trying to do pretty much)

Mapping Dynamic SQL Server XY Data in ArcGIS Online