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Creating a custom template for map notes in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by whsgis on Jan 10, 2015
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We have two organizational accounts at our school for teachers to use with students in both natural science and social science classes.  One of my teachers asked it they could create a custom template of symbols for one of their projects.  They like some of the symbols from various templates so they would like to combine selected feature symbols from those.  They would also like to create custom symbols to fit this project.  I would really like to help them and learn how to do this if it is possible.


Here are the specifics of what they would like to create:


Flag symbol to represent cities

Line for rivers

Area for tectonic plates

Area for seas and lakes

Area for mountains (maybe shaded appropriately)

point symbol to resemble a volcano

Area for deserts

Line for ocean trenches and ridges


Is it possible to customize ArcGIS Online to this degree?  I have access to Desktop and work with it regularly if that is needed.