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Specifying TIFF data type for batch ASCII to Raster

Question asked by AF2k15 on Jan 8, 2015

ArcGIS Desktop says that 16-bit unsigned integer is a possible option for creating a TIFF for which a color map can be created. I am curious if anyone knows how to specify this data type in the batch code below that I grabbed from an older post?




import os,arcpy, glob     # Path to ascii files    filepath = r"C:\VMshared\small_example_valley2\snowdepth"    # Path where to put rasters    outFolder = r"C:\VMshared\small_example_valley2\snowdepthout"     ascList = glob.glob(filepath + "/*.asc")    print ascList     for ascFile in ascList:        outRaster = outFolder + "/" + os.path.split(ascFile)[1][:-3] + "tif"        print outRaster        arcpy.ASCIIToRaster_conversion(ascFile, outRaster, "FLOAT")