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data driven pages dynamic text issue

Question asked by bfgrover on Jan 7, 2015

Is it possible to create dynamic text in a ddp map document that displays attributes NOT from the index layers attribute table??  And is it possible to have dynamic text from an attribute table field display based on whether or not a feature is in the display/extent?  One last question!  Can data driven pages be set up to run based on a field value rather than for each individual feature??


example:  I have 3 segments touching out of a set of several that I want to print on a single map page, while the remaining segments I want on their individual pages..  There are also attributes that need to be displayed for each feature dislayed in each ddp map, including the map with three segments/features. 


I have been able to trick it by creating a new dummy feature layer to use as my index layer with 1 single segment spanning the length of the set of three segments that need to be on one page, and I created multiple fields in that layer with the data for each segment needed to be displayed with dynamic text.  This solved it this time.. But i'm needing this to be a easily repeatable process, not a jimmy rigged process.. And I need to keep the official original segments layer (not the dummy index layer layer i created) to be the only layer having to contain any attribute data about the segments.  Which all makes my jimmy rigged solution not ideal.  Any thoughts!?  Is python a possibility?  Any area of direction if so?  Thanks!


I'm thinking Python some how or another might be usable to do the dynamic labeling for any features within the extent/display, and the dummy layer to be used as the index layer....?