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Python help needed... select polygons from one shapefile, based on values in another table...

Question asked by johnswood on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by filipkral

I have a table in a geodatabase with the following field names (types):


SpeciesNum (String)

Sci_Name  (String)

Spp_number (String)

Sum_A1  (Long)

Sum_A2 (Long)

Sum_A3 (Long)

Sum_H2 (Long)

Sum_H3 (Long)

Sum_H4 (Long)

Sum_H5 (Long)

Sum_H6 (Long)



I also have a shapefile with regions A through G, subdivided into depth classes 1-6…. Each of the 48 polygons is coded A1, A2, A3….H5, H6. Field Name is ‘Code’ (String).


I want to select polygons from the shapefile, based on whether the corresponding field in the table has a ‘1’ or a ‘0’ value. So if Sum_A1 and Sum_A2 both contain ‘1’s, the A1 and A2 polygons will be selected. I then want to export the selected polygons as a new shapefile with the name from Sci_Name, and a field containing the SpeciesNum (a string value).


Since I have about 13,000 species, each of which should become a separate shapefile, I need to automate this process. 


Oh yeah, I’m working in ArcMap 10.2, with Python 2.7. Any help or helpful fragments ware greatly appreciated! I am new to the Forums, so I've probably just broken all sorts of protocols. I apologize in advance!