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Change Character Marker Symbol at runtime with SDK for .Net

Question asked by citegestion on Jan 6, 2015
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We are modifying symbology at runtime with the .net SDK for a DynamicLayer using a unique values Symbology. I get informations on the renderer with this code :

Dim layerDescr = DirectCast(layer.Value, FeatureServiceLayerInfo)

Dim renderer = DirectCast(layer.Value.DrawingInfo.Renderer, UniqueValueRenderer)

Dim valueInfo as UniqueValueInfo = renderer.Infos.SingleOrDefault(Function CStr(i.Values(0)) = item.Libelle)

And modify the symbol on the UniqueValueInfo object :

  • valueInfo.Symbol = newSymbol


It works if Simple Marker Symbols  are defined in ArcMap for the symbology, I can change properties (color, style…) and see changes on the map after renderer modification.


But if I define a Character Marker Symbol in ArcMap, the type of the Symbol return by the SDK is PictureMarkerSymbol. So I’am not able to change Font or Text for a symbol. Is this normal ? I was expecting a TextSymbol in place of PictureMarkerSymbol.


Furthermore,  if I create a TextSymbol dynamically and affect it to the renderer the points are not rendered on the map any more, is this type of symbol is supposed to be handled by the .net SDK ?


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