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Question about selecting objects from layers

Question asked by mkorkus on Jan 5, 2015



I use ArcGis Desktop 10.1 and I try to get all selected objects from a few layers. All selected objects are about 1mln so it is a huge amount. I try to get this working by the following code:


featureSelection.SelectionSet.Search(null, true, out cursor);

Logger.Log.Info(string.Format("Number of selected objects {0}: {1}", featureClass.AliasName, featureSelection.SelectionSet.Count));


while ((row = cursor.NextRow()) != null)





But even though I get featureSelection.SelectionSet.Count > 0, cursor.NextRow getting a null value. When I try to get only one problem layer everything is all right. I'm going to implement cursor division by IQueryFilter but is it a correct solution? Maybe is a other way to solve it?