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"Could not undeploy services" error when using Python

Question asked by blake.terhune Champion on Dec 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by blake.terhune

I have a Python script running on a 64-bit Windows Server 2012r2 machine with ArcGIS Server 10.2.2. The script has a list of twelve services (stored as a Python dictionary) that it stops and starts. 90% of the time all services in the list stop and start successfully. The other ten percent: not so much. The JSON error message returned says

Could not undeploy services from one or more machines. 'com.esri.arcgis.discovery.admin.AdminException'.

The log message in ArcGIS Server Manager shows up as Severe level and says pretty much the same thing. I haven't been able to notice a pattern in how often or which service it fails on. Sometimes (like this most recent time) it failed to stop a service in the middle of the list, then continued on to successfully stop the rest of the services. Later on in the script the same services are started and all started successfully. So I know the script works but it's just sometimes that it fails. My script does the following:

  1. Copy feature classes from SDE to staging file geodatabase on server
  2. Compact staging geodatabase
  3. Stop related services
  4. Delete production geodatabase
  5. Copy staging gdb to production gdb
  6. Start services

The code I use to stop and start services is based on this work from Kevin Hibma:

ArcGIS Server Administration Toolkit - 10.1+



Here are the Python functions I came up with:


def getToken(adminUser, adminPass, server, port, expiration):
    # Build URL
    url = "http://{}:{}/arcgis/admin/generateToken?f=json".format(server, port)

    # Encode the query string
    query_dict = {
        'username': adminUser,
        'password': adminPass,
        'expiration': str(expiration),  ## Token timeout in minutes; default is 60 minutes.
        'client': 'requestip'
    query_string = urllib.urlencode(query_dict)

        # Request the token
        with contextlib.closing(urllib2.urlopen(url, query_string)) as jsonResponse:
            getTokenResult = json.loads(
            ## Validate result
            if "token" not in getTokenResult or getTokenResult == None:
                raise Exception("Failed to get token: {}".format(getTokenResult['messages']))
                return getTokenResult['token']

    except urllib2.URLError, e:
        raise Exception("Could not connect to machine {} on port {}\n{}".format(server, port, e))



def serviceStartStop(server, port, svc, action, token):
    # Build URL
    url = "http://{}:{}/arcgis/admin".format(server, port)
    requestURL = url + "/services/{}/{}".format(svc, action)

    # Encode the query string
    query_dict = {
        "token": token,
        "f": "json"
    query_string = urllib.urlencode(query_dict)

    # Send the server request and return the JSON response
    with contextlib.closing(urllib.urlopen(requestURL, query_string)) as jsonResponse:
        return json.loads(


I get the token once at the beginning of the main script and call the serviceStartStop() function repeatedly in a for loop iterating through a list of services.