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Polygons Intersection Points

Question asked by on Dec 23, 2014
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I want to calculate the intersection point of two polygon, the polygons are illustrate in picture. The picture clearly show that there are two points

of intersections.

I have write some code, but there is problem init, it's calculate more than two intersection point. Blow is my code...


def linesIntersection(A, B, C, D):

    x1 = A[0]

    y1 = A[1]

    x2 = B[0]

    y2 = B[1]


    x3 = C[0]

    y3 = C[1]

    x4 = D[0]

    y4 = D[1]


    #print x1, y1, x2, y2

    #print x3, y3, x4, y4


    denomenator = (((x1-x2)*(y3-y4)) - ((y1-y2)*(x3-x4)))

    #print denomenator


    if denomenator == 0:

        return denomenator


        P1 = (((x1*y2 - y1*x2)*(x3-x4)) - ((x1-x2)*(x3*y4-y3*x4)))

        Px = P1 / denomenator


        P2 = (((x1*y2 - y1*x2)*(y3-y4)) - ((y1-y2)*(x3*y4-y3*x4)))

        Py = P2 / denomenator


    print "The Intersection points are: ", Px, Py



polygon1 = [(1,0),(3,0),(3,2),(1,2),(1,0)]

polygon2 = [(0,1),(2,1),(2,3),(0,3),(0,1)]

poly1 = len(polygon1)

poly2 = len(polygon1)

#print poly1,poly2



for i in range(poly1-1):

    A = polygon1[i]

    B = polygon1[i+1]

    for j in range(poly2-1):

        C = polygon2[j]

        D = polygon2[j+1]

        linesIntersection(A, B, C, D)


I am using determinant for calculating the intersection of point.

There is a condition both lines should be similar planes, this is where problem begin, i don't know how to do it ? Pleas help me...